Fantasy Name Generator

fantasy name generatorFantasy name generator is a tool to generate your own fantasy nickname. You can also browse through our list of fantasy names under categories of fantasy names.

Below is a generator, scroll down and press the button to generate a new fantasy name. Press multiple times to generate other fantasy names.

General information about fantasy names:
A name of your character can be a fantasy name or a name that has already been introduced into the world via a Role-Playing-Game (RPG), book, movie etc. You can have fantasy characters in online RPGs like War Of Warcraft and NeverWinter Nights. Fantasy names emanate from such areas as mythology, for instance hero stories. Hero stories, which often are productions of history, whence events were often linked to a single character with name that would later be a part of modern popular culture. Fantasy names and ordinary names differ within the basic category: the calendar. Fantasy names seldom reach, or are accepted to the ordinary calendar of names.
Fantasy names can be categorized or grouped into several groups, per origin (RPG, books, stories), per function (hero, villain, sage, magician etc). There exists a myriad of names within the realm of culture, which is also continuously growing. By selecting a certain fantasy name, the role, or features of a character can be communicated thru its meaning. Basic example would be to select Gandalf or Merlin for an RPG character that is a magic-user by occupation. On the other hand it wouldn’t be advisable to select a name of a known trickster of a thief for a character to keep oneself below the radar. Fantasy names can also be picked by simply rolling the dice, whatever the method the name is a very important decision: in many environments it cannot be changed.

Within this website we have selected the following division to present some known fantasy names: Gender (Male/Female) or Race (for instance Elf and Vampire). You can also roll the dice and use our Fantasy Name Generator unlimited times!


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